Craig Ferguson's next venture is serious radio on SiriusXM

Craig Ferguson refuses to stay out of your range of media. Now the former Late Late Show host will be heading for your ears thanks to his new SiriusXM show. Variety reports that Ferguson will host a two hour live show that is completely "format free." The Craig Ferguson Show will consists of interview guests and viewer call in segments that radio shows are accustomed to. But there will also be sketches, host observations and "little story pieces" reminiscent of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which itself came from a radio program and book.

The show should be as familiar as his CBS late night program because he's bringing along two of its old producers. The SiriusXM show would also free up Ferguson's interest rather than focus on one or two celbrity guests. Those who appear on the show would be people who interest him and not the flavor of the week. Ferguson says this show -- which is being recorded in his home in Los Angeles -- is under a two year deal and notes that it won't be for everyone: ā€œIā€™m only making this show for people who already understand and like me.ā€