That Will & Grace revival has and has not been picked up yet

With remakes and revivals bringing already canceled shows back into our modern TV era, it's no wonder that even the obscurest of shows should return. Netflix gives Fuller House an 18 episode third season even though the second premiered to less than stellar numbers and has been pulling up majorly less than earnest reviews? Sure, why not. The latest show to garner the attention of revival rumors is NBC's Will & Grace which made headlines with a political short back in September of 2016. Talks of bringing the show back began but nothing had been confirmed.

That is until yesterday. TV Line reported that actor Leslie Jordan, who played frenemy Beverly Leslie to Megan Mullally's Karen, said in a radio interview with KPBS that the show had been picked up for ten episodes. He even said shooting was to begin in the summer. There's no doubt that discussions to have another go at Will & Grace have already began but that doesn't cement the show's future. Case in point: Debra Messing tweeted her response to the whole ordeal.

So, as of right now, the show is still in the early stages. NBC has yet to speak on the situation. Talks about a Will & Grace revival has apparently been in full swing since October, just after the political short premiered.