'Archer' is coming back with a new set of 1940's clothes

SPoilers for the season seven finale to Archer ahead.

Serializing a cartoon is not a new concept but FX's Archer has been trying its hand at it since it began. Later seasons of the show have been more heavy handed with the style (see last season's move from ISIS to detective agency or the prior season's move to drug running). But last season's finale had its titular character killed so how could it remain the same show? Well apparently that'll be addressed in the show's new setting and time period. The eighth season is set to premiere this spring (date undetermined) in 1947 with Archer, now a real detective (and alive) and friends looking for Woodhouse's killer. 

The show is also finally moving over from FX to FXX. FXX was created for the comedies that FX aired but, since its inception, the network has aired mostly action movies and its comedy shows. Check out a trailer for Archer's season eight below.