Showtime is totally into that "SMILF" show


HBO is known for its dirty shows and Cinemax's nickname lives up to the hype but Showtime is left out in the dust with its sexy offerings. Masters of Sex and Secret Diary of a Call Girl hold the reigns as the hottest programming provided by Showtime but that's as horny as things get. That is until this year. SMILF premiered and everything was...The show's about what now? Oh!

SMILF isn't a sex show. Okay, my apologies. 

The show - created by Mr. Robot alum Frankie Shaw - follows a struggling single mother/actress. Showtime is going to renew the freshman series for another season.

We reviewed SMLIF and liked the personal story it told, saying "While not completely bleak like many single camera shows today, it’s funny and heartwarming. Stories feel a lot more personal. For what it’s worth, SMILF retains its guerilla-indie style with harsh camera movements and less than expositional dialogue. And what a treat that is....Showtime’s willingness to let Shaw do it all is reminiscent of what streaming services offer. This hands on approach is the exact reason why SMILF feels so intimate. Not many star created shows have the same attribute."