Relive every episode of "Chappelle's Show" to start off your New Year


Get ready to nurse your hangover with the loudest sketch show in TV history. 

Comedy Central knows how to make you laugh in 2018. The new year is going to start with a marathon of every episode from Chappelle's Show starring the man who started it all, Dave Chappelle. Dubbed “It’s a Celebration, Bitches,” the fun begins at 9 AM on Monday, January 1. The marathon culminates in an airing of Chappelle's Killing 'Em Softly at midnight.

Prior to the marathon, Netflix is uploading its second Chappelle based special to its streaming service. Equanimity is new material from the comedian covering the 2016 preisdential election and Dave a has a vape in it which is strange. Check out a trailer below.