"Popstar" won Best Picture (at some other awards show)

While the Oscars haven't had a comedy category in damn near twenty years (something that I have a big issue with), one of the funnier movies of 2016 won best picture at an award show that's on no one's radar. Russell Simmons threw the All Def Movie Awards on February 22 and The Lonely Island's Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping took home what I assume can only be gold painted Beats. The Hollywood Reporter and AV Club reported the story from the show that apparently features obscure categories like Most Out of Place White Person and Bad Ass Boss Chick.

As for the creation of the show itself, Simmons told the Reporter that the reason for its existence is because a lot of people he works with won't have the chance to go to something like the Emmys or Oscars. Simmons added "It's not meant to be that serious; it's highlighting social and political problems within our industry and that's OK. … But it's a fun, exciting thing to do."

Even with such an unknown awards show, the All Def Movie Awards had an A-list guest list with the likes of Tommy Davidson, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, will.i.am, Ice Cube and Amber Rose in attendance. 

The Lonely Island recognized and thanked the awards show for the win in a tweet.

Speaking of Samberg, he made an appearance at the Independent Spirit Awards where he performed the opposite of an In Memoriam segment. Quite literally, it was a piece about famous people where were still alive.