Of course there's going to be a "Trolls 2"

DreamWorks -- royalty when it comes to sequels, not entirely good originals and Netflix shows -- has slated last year's hit Trolls to have its very own followup. Variety reports that the original made $339 million worldwide, which is nothing to scoff at in terms of animated ventures. This will also be distributed by Universal Pictures after their acquisition of DreamWorks last year.

Trolls 2 is a ways off but Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are said to reprise their lead roles. DreamWorks has set the release date for Arpil 10, 2020, almost four years after the first. It takes a lot of time to animate that stand up hair. Timberlake performed the movie's hit single "Cant' Stop the Feeling" at the Oscars. It was a delight. Check out the music video below.