Jim Gaffigan's brand of family entertainment will stretch to the big screen

Jim Gaffigan is seemingly going through his career checklist, ticking off all his goals along the way. Television? Check. Massive stand up following? Done. Social media superstar? You got it. And all with the hep of his wife, Jeannie, and some support from his many, many kids. Now the comedian is set to star in a comedy where he'll still be able to choose his family.

You Can Choose Your Family will star Gaffigan as a family patriarch whose life is changed when his 17 year old son finds out that Daddy Gaff has a second family. The rest of the cast has yet to be announced but Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Karen Kehela Sherwood from Imagine Entertainment and Cold Iron Pictures are set to produce. 

Gaffigan's career is steadily climbing as he is set to star in the third season of Fargo and continues to tour.