"The Mindy Project" is finally ending, for real this time

No show in recent memory has had as much luck as Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project. It was constantly on the bubble after getting full season orders on Fox (who decided to let go of the show after its third season); cast would come and go due to "creative differences" but be replaced by funnier people; and the guest star list rivals that of a Judd Apatow movie. And now the show will finally see its end.

Announced today, the sixth (and definite, for sure last) season of The Mindy Project will begin airing in September on its current home, Hulu. Recent seasons saw the character of Mindy played by creator Mindy have a baby, start a new practice on top of working at her old practice, and go at being a mother alone. It's fine, she assures us.

Kaling won't be out of TV for long; she and Project co-star Ed Weeks sold a pilot to ABC last year and she nabbed a put pilot on NBC about gym brothers that are super hot. Plus, she's probably already working on her thousandth book. We don't know.