"Idiotsitter" returns next month

"God damnit, Gene," Billie said as she grabs the chinchilla fur coat from under her friend's puke soaked body, "you're never going to be a full grown adult if you keep acting like this!" And that's how my Idiotsitter spec script ends. It's not particularly good but I thought it was funny. Comedy Central didn't when they sent back the 63 pages I'd personally stapled shut.

With the package, they also included a pres release that informed me of the return of the web series turned fulll TV show. The second season to the Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse led series is coming on Thursday, April 6th. The show is a perfect addition to an already Bell filled media landscape (who most recently starred in Fist Fight). So prepare for the premieere while I get my 80 page season 3 script ready.