Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt headline the Mike O'Brien and Seth Meyers NBC pilot

NBC used to be a network that focused purely on the highest rated comedy shows. It's no secret that the past decade or so have been difficult for the network. It just can't seem to find comedies that it loves. Now, it's finding a groove with Superstore along with recent addition The Good Place. With its recent pilot: NBC is not screwing around anymore. 

Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt -- two comedy television mainstays -- have been cast in a pilot for the network. The two will take the lead roles in the untitled Mike O'Brien and Seth Meyers comedy about a cynical Ivy League professor (Howerton) who is thrust into the world of high school teaching and ultimately decides to use his students as his pawns for revenge. Oswalt will play the pushover principal.

Fans of Howerton's FX(X) show Always Sunny in Philadelphia needn't fret. The show still has two more seasons on the channel and the cast has no plans to stop any time soon.