Comedy Central's newest talk show featuring a monstrous puppet premieres next month

Comedy Central is a weird channel. It can't fill an 11:30 PM time slot but it's damn sure going to find a new show to air between seasons of South Park and Broad CityTosh.0 reruns make up most of its 21 hour television show cycle (Paid Programming must make them a nice chunk of change). And God forbid Viacom try to take back the standup comedy special crown from Netflix. But, dang it, Comedy Central is doing its best. Now, the channel is reaching back into the internet -- specifically in the Funny or Die archives -- for a TJ Miller led talk show. 

The Gorburger Show is their latest attempt at a talk show following the cancellation of the surprisingly fun Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Premiering Sunday, April 9 at midnight of all times, The Gorburger Show features TJ Miller  as a giant blue puppet alien who interviews celebrities. The eight episode series shouldn't deviate too much from the source material, especially since a press release from today informs us that the show's creators, executive producers, writers and directors Ryan McNeely and Josh Martin (aka the Director Brothers) are attached to those very roles. 

As previously mentioned, The Gorburger Show isn't the first show to move from the internet to Comedy Central. Other hits include the aforementioned Broad CityIdiotsitterThis Is Not Happening, their biggest hit in Drunk History and others. The network obviously knows what it's doing on that front. Now let's find them a proper Daily Show companion (I happily throw my hat into the ring)! Check out the original web series below.