Comedy Central's "The President Show" is all about our dear leader (UPDATED)

Making fun of our current US president won't stop any time soon. Now, Comedy Central wants to go at it directly with a weekly series. The network announced via press release that their take on our president will come to late night. And they'll also finally have a show take over that coveted 11:30 PM spot following The Daily Show -- if only for one night a week.

Created by and starring president impressionist Anthony Atamanuik, The President Show will be "live from the Oval Office" where he can bypass all the media and their pestering questions. Regular late night tropes will fill up episodes including desk segments, remotes, and interviews with the vice president played by Peter Grosz. Atamanuik is renowned for his take on the president which has earned him a 40 city tour with fellow impressionist James Adomian, performances on several shows like @midnight and The Howard Stern Show, and several festivals.

“Laughing at the President is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department,” Atamanuik said. “But our political system is too broken for us to be content joking about one man, even though he is a disastrous silly little toddler boy. Mostly I’d just like to thank Comedy Central for giving us this platform to speak truth to power and if we’re lucky, end up in prison!”

The announcement of this show follows a stunt pulled on the network last week during an airing of The Daily Show where the broadcast was interrupted. The next day, two mysterious Twitter accounts started teasing the new show. The President Show will begin airing on April 27.


Megh Wright over at Splitsider managed to find all of the writers for the upcoming series. The list is below.

"Anthony Atamanuik (also executive producer)
Peter Grosz (also executive producer)
Jason Ross (also executive producer)
John Gemberling
Mitra Jouhari
Christine Nangle
Rae Sanni
Evan Waite
Neil Casey
Emmy Blotnick"

Also, here's a promo for the show.