Comedy powerhouse Kevin Hart and music powerhouse T.I. are now on cable powerhouse Showtime with a new show

For the fans that have been waiting for Kevin Hart to get his head out of his ass and start making music again, you're in luck. The comedian has teamed with rapper T.I. on a music themed office comedy. As per Deadline, the show will follow the wacky situations in a music studio and the people that work in it. Writer Aeysha Carr will helm the project. T.I. and Hart will executive produce. And this news writer graciously offers his voice to be one of the show's singers/stars. No joke, Mr. Hart. I will sing so goodly.

Hart and T.I. are longtime friends. TI had a small roll in the Hart and Will Ferrell led Get Hard. The rapper also appeared on Hart's first music album, Kevin Hart: What Now? (The Mixtape Presents Chocolate Droppa). Check out the single below.