"Fun Mom Dinner" is full of all the same types of movies that came before it

Remember when Bad Moms came out and made waves in the much dismissed "moms can party too" market? And before that Date Night did the same thing? On top of this year's sequel to Bad Moms (under A Bad Mom's Christmas), we'll also get Fun Mom Dinner. While it lacks in an imaginative title much like its contemporaries, it stands out in casting. 

Coming from director Alethea Jones and written by Julie Yaeger, Fun Mom Dinner centers on a group of moms -- Katie Aselton, Toni Collette, Bridget Everett, and Molly Shannon -- whose one night out goes awry with weed buying, hard drinking, and karaoke. The already hilarious main cast is joined by a smattering of other comedy juggernauts like Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, Adam Levine, John Early, Paul Rust, David Wain, and Paul Rudd. Fun Mom Dinner hits select theaters and streaming on August 4.