New Face Friday: 'About Last Week' is an EP about last week

Boy do I like a good EP. And boy do I enjoy a clever title. This week's New Face Friday features both of those things. Coming from Cam Crum, under the musically artsy name Pencilbody, About Last Week features four of his latest songs. They're smooth and rhythm heavy, a different genre you can see I'm having trouble describing. Take a listen to his tunes. They're great.

Pencilbody does a lot of things but he's currently focusing on music. He resides in Portland at the moment with hopes of making it big on the indie music scene. He draws in his spare time. 

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New Face Friday: Defining the Relationship with Swanky Films

Valentine's Day is literally around the corner. You still need a bit of a refresher course on exact ways to love. Our friends and love experts over at Swanky Films have introduced three simple steps to help you define your current relationship. They provide all the answers you need to questions like "What are we?"

Swanky Films is run by Matt Giudice, who has a last name I had to constantly refer back to when I wrote it. He's amassed a decent following over the past few years by beginning in videos based around LEGOs. Now, the young comedian dabbles in sketch comedy and even has a couple of web series on his YouTube channel. The Living with Superman series is creatively funny; Giudice stars are the hero and his roommate and it's just great. 

Director/Writer/Actor/Editor- Matt Giudice
Director of Photography- Jenna Braban
Hot Girl- Deanna Giulietti
Extras- Jack Saleeby, Bryan Kugler, Jenny Rowe, Francesca Nargentino


Famous Oldie Advertises the Finest Mace - New Face Friday

Tired of rascally bears rummaging through your trash or killing you children? Try "Bear Binko's Bear Mace;" It's sure to keep all bears at bay. Works on black, brown, grizzly, and polar bears. Not sure about human bears though. 

Famous Oldie creates award winning comedy shorts on their website. Their talent has already garnered them some decent attention. They had a short that won rising star at the Canada International Film Festival in 2014 (but I was informed that they're from Long Island and Connecticut. So don't worry; they're still cool). In the future, the group has an upcoming large scale short called "Barney Strong" they will feature at a festival.

The core of Famous Oldie is Trevor Clifford, director and composer Ben Kujawski, and UCB star Matt Newby.

Famous Oldie