Homestar Runner deals with sucky tricks, scary Luigi's mansion, Eli Roth and the perfect trailer for the 'Friday The 13th game

The House That Gave Sucky Tricks - Homestar Runner

It's that time of year again! Halloween is upon us and Homestar Runner and the gang come out of retirement in order to deal with a house that doles out bad tricks. But you're watching for the costumes and, yes, those are still the best part about the shorts. The Brothers Chaps may be busy with real jobs but they sure do know how to treat us.

If Luigi's Mansion Was Actually Scary - Above Average

Luigi's Mansion is a beloved game. It stars the second rate but endearing Mario brother, Luigi, as he searches for his brother in a house filled with ghouls. His weapon of choice is a vacuum. But what happens when the game is made to be actually terrifying? Watch as the real horrors turn out to be Luigi's worst nightmare.

You're Not My Girlfriend - Funny or Die

Eli Roth is a horror genius and Mena Suvari is a respected actress. In this web short, Roth tries to kill a demonized Suvari a la the climax of a horror film. She tries her best to trick him into letting her go by switching between her dark alter ego and normal self. It's fun. I promise. 


The guys over at Mega64 are celebrating the majesty that is the Friday the 13th game on NES. It's a true classic that shouldn't be missed. But did you know that there was a trailer for it? Mega64 dug up an old VHS tape that had the last known evidence of the commercial. 

VOTW: Swedish Chef sings Sia, a Ben Carson campaign video, and John Mulaney as a dog!

Cherndelifer - McGoiter

In one of the funniest videos of the year, YouTube comedian McGoiter (Brock Baker) uses his fantastic Swedish Chef impression in order to sing Sia's "Chandelier." Although this is not the song you already know. It's been chefterized and I personally love it. Baker is able to channel his inner Swedish Chef in order to make the perfect rendition of the cook's probable favorite song. His dance moves aren't the best but he's a muppet damnit! And the lyrics are just as understandable as the character himself. Nice way to hop on the return of The Muppets, McGoiter.

New Ben Carson 2016 Campaign Commercial - Funny or Die

Ben Carson hasn't had any luck in the polls recently (who am I kidding? He's one of the leading candidates) but that didn't stop him from creating a new campaign add! Featuring the likes of Carson's dying patients, the ad shows truly what this doctor can do. And that's apparently make a lot of bad doctoral mistakes.

Heavy Petting ft. John Mulaney - Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is a social entity that aims to bring about a better world. In one of their most recent videos, they use the great voice of John Mulaney in order to get the ball rolling on more frequent pet adoption. This video is in partnership with ASPCA in order to raise support for animal shelters. The result is a cute video that has a dog doing dog things while Mulaney narrates the actions. If you don't want to get a puppy (or older dog) after this, then you've got real issues. Later episodes are said to feature the likes of Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman. 

VOTW: 'Roommates,' fashionable Donald Trump, Nerdist 'Goosebumps' music video & more!

Let's Make Donald Trumps Outfit Great Again - Internet Action Force

Just as Donald Trump is trying to make America great again, the Internet Action Force is trying to make our future president somewhat fashion savvy. Anna Callegari, Sharron Paul and Walter Replogle take the week's biggest political figures and tear down their clothing choices, figuratively of course. 

"Construction Guy" - Roommates

Roommates can be real nightmares at some points. When there's an age difference, there can be even more headbutting. That doesn't stop Greg Barris and Bridey Elliot from being friends though. The two work together to get through life in the East Village. Check out the first episode of this new series are they examine boundaries. 

Unemployable - Hannibal Buress

A long time ago in the year 2014, Comedy Central commissioned a pilot from Hannibal Buress called Unemployable in which the comedian would go through Dirty Jobs-esque situations. Buress recently released the pilot -- the only thing ever shot -- to the series this week. No specifics were given as to why it was shelved but Buress is pretty set already. He just finished the first season of his current Comedy Central show Why? a few months ago. The pilot for Unemployable uses a mix of voice over, standup introductions and documentary elements. 

Honorable Mentions:

Hack into Broad City

Bumps Gonna Goose Ya! - Nerdist, Jack Black

VOTW: Pit Bull owners defense and Reaheads Stand Up

How to Defend Yourself Against a Pit Bull Owner Attack - Above Average

Pit bulls can be scary dogs especially if their owners are bad people. Some of those owners may even be scary themselves. They're dangerous people. Avoid them at all costs. Learn how to protect yourself with this nifty video.

Redheads Anonymous

Check out this recent web series where we learn that being a redhead can be as fun as being a blonde. Readheads Anonymous is a web series starring Elisabeth Ness as Molly, a ginger looking to pay for school through a newly discovered Readhead Scholarship. The series is bright and colorful with some good writing and even better performances. It really stands out. Plus it's short. Readheads Anonymous has already finished its run so catch up on the series on their website.

VOTW: Horse Porn and Marvel finally has a female superhero movie

People Are Detectives - "Horse Porn"

Action, cheesy music and clever titles await in the new web series People Are Detectives, a show from the mind of Carmine Covelli. Detectives follows two detectives as they go on a multitude of stakeouts while having offbeat discussions. The first episode, "Horse Porn," released July 16 and it's all know. Covelli is no stranger to the limelight either. He also drums in The Tender Moments, a band supergroup that works with comedienne Bridget Everett.

Above Average - The Greenlighter

What happens when a female executive begins to take matters into her own hands? A female superhero movie gets made. Above Average's "The Greenlighter" takes a few punches towards the average, male-driven comic book movie and adds in the simple formula of Ctrl-R "male" to "female." Who knew making a superheroine movie would be this easy?