So here's a trailer for one of the new Adam Sandler Netflix movies if that's your thing

Slow news days aside, Adam Sandler still has a job to do. And that job includes making movies for Netflix. Sandler is a fourth of the way through with his deal -- following Netflix's most watched movie of all time, The Ridiculous 6 --  and his up coming movie, The Do-Over, makes it half way. In the trailer, there's women in bikinis, a dude's butt that I guarantee will be Sandlers', and David Spade saying "fuck yeah," signaling that this movie is not for the kiddies. The Do-Over will premiere on Netflix this Memorial Day weekend, May 27th.

Adam Sandler and Netflix To Make Sweet, Sweet Cash Together (for Four Movies)

Jesus. What has this world come to? Netflix is producing its own tv shows and films (and everybody is afraid) while Adam Sandler still makes 100 million on opening weekend. Now, the two entertainment entities have teamed up to produce four movies together of which I assume two include Grown Ups 3 and 4. This all most likely took place in a meeting with several fart sound effects and hits to the groin with lots of yelling. 

Variety reports that the first film could come as soon as 2015.

“When these fine people came to me with an offer to make four movies for them, I immediately said ‘yes’ for one reason and one reason only… Netflix rhymes with ‘wet chicks,'” said Sandler in a statement. “Let the streaming begin!”

This is the man that has his own production company and is producing movies. What the fuck, world. Anyway, Sandler's films have made over $3.9 billion dollars world wide. He's popular in most territories from the U.S. to Brazil to the U.K. 

Let's just hope he gets back to his 90's roots but there's no telling.