Jeff Garlin is "Handsome" in a new trailer for a Netflix mystery movie

Constant yeller and comically aloof dad character Jeff Garlin is starting in a new made-for-Netflix movie. The actor also wrote and directed the movie, Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie, as well as takes top billing. It follows Garlin as Gene Handsome, a police detective that solves crimes and problems in his own life. 

Garlin stars alonside Natasha Lyonne, Eddie Pepitone, Christine Woods, Amy Sedaris, Steven Weber, adn Leah Remini. Handsome premeires on Friday, May 5th. In the meantime, Garlin appeard on Conan last night to talk about the movie. Adam Pally dressed as Fat Batman was there too. 

And Now, a Trailer for David Cross' 'Hits'

David "Blue Man" Cross directed his first film that premiered at Sundance way back in the yonder years of 2013. Hits stars Matt Walsh as a father that has an outburst in his New York town and it goes public on Youtube. He gets famous yada yada yada. The film also stars Amy Sedaris, James Adomian, Derek Waters, Wyatt Cenac among others. Although the film has no release date yet, you can bet on the movie being pretty good. Cross is a stickler for the good stuff as we all know.