New York Comedy Festival returns with Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, & several hundred others

Three of today's top comedians will show their comedy chops as headliners in this year's New York Comedy Festival. Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher will be joined by other comedians as they make audiences laugh for a week straight. Starting November 10 and ending the 15th, the NYCF is set to feature the likes of Judd Apatow (yes, he does standup too!), Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho, Billy Crystal, Bill Burr, Kathy Griffin, Gabriel Iglesias, Norm Macdonald, and Kumail Nanjiani among others. The Wrap reports this event is in co-production with Comedy Central. 200+ comedians will perform more than 60 shows throughout various stages in the city from Madison Square Garden, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Carnegie Hall. Several panels will be held as well such as “An Evening with the Late Show with David Letterman Writers” and “Clown Panties and Other Unpleasant Truths: An Evening with Inside Amy Schumer.” Head to the NYCF site in order to purchase tickets on August 17.

Patrice O'Neal is 'Better Than You,' Back in Documentary Form

Patrice O'Neal is one of my favorite comics of all time. He has similarly shaped the comedic advancement of many others in the same way with his truthful, straightforward approach standup. His death was a surprise to everyone but now the producers of a documentary based on O'Neal's life have taken to Indiegogo in order to get the film created. Better Than You follows the comedian's career through interviews with family, friends, as well as Bill Burr, Denis Leary, Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, and more. The documentary is being produced by O'Neal's fiance Von Decarlo and Mark Farrell.  Go and donate today to get some neat benefits like attending the premiere and a social media shout out. The campaign video is below:

Bill Burr and Netflix Want to Make a Cartoon Together

Shortly after FX bought his new show, Bill Burr stomped his way to Netflix headquarters and said something along the lines of "you motherfuckers are giving me my own cartoon." At least that's how I'll be telling the story from now on.

Deadline reports that Burr has another new show but this time it's for the red and white streaming service. The show is called F is for Family and will star Burr as Frank Murphy - the family's leader, Laura Dern - Franks' wife Sue and Justin Long - the families' oldest son Kevin. It's based on the comedy of Burr so expect a lot of "fucks," "shits" and "fucking shits." 

F is for Family's plot is simple as it "follows the Murphy family in the 1970s — a time when you could smack your kid, smoke inside and bring a gun to the airport." 

The Simpsons' Michael Price will serve as the showrunner and is produced by Vince Vaughn's Wild West Television.

Burr was quoted saying: “F Is For Family is the show I’ve always wanted to do,” Burr said. “It captures all the characters of my childhood the way I remember it to be. Fortunately Mike Price and everyone at Wild West seem to know the same people I knew growing up. It’s going to be a lot of fun to tell these stories.”

F Is For Family is set to show up sometime in 2015. Although, this isn't the only thing that Burr is doing for Netflix. He also has a stand up special coming out on December 5 called Sorry You Feel That Way

As busy as Burr gets, hopefully he'll be able to reprise his role on Better Call Saul as that no goodnick Kirby.