Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump in a limited run Funny or Die movie

Easy jokes are easy and who's easier to make fun of today than the biggest loser himself, Donald J. Trump. Comedy website Funny or Die has made a movie starring Johnny Depp (yes THAT Johnny Depp) as the presidential hopeful. This isn't the first time the video streaming service has ventured into random movie making. They tackled Steve Jobs before anyone else in the movie iSteve. The Trump based movie is called Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie and runs about 50 minutes. Depp is joined by one of the biggest casts since Wes Anderson's last three movies combined. Supporting characters include Ron Howard, Patton Oswalt, Michaela Watkins, Jack McBrayer, Henry Winkler, Kristen Schaal, Paul Scheer, Christopher Lloyd, Andy Richter, Rob Huebel, Alfred Molina, Robert Morse, and more. The movie takes the form of a made for TV special that has been unearthed after decades of VHS degeneration as it makes fun of the book that Trump wrote in 1987. To make it even more "so 80's," Kenny Loggins recorded the theme song for it. It's only up for a limited time so give it a go.

VOTW: Swedish Chef sings Sia, a Ben Carson campaign video, and John Mulaney as a dog!

Cherndelifer - McGoiter

In one of the funniest videos of the year, YouTube comedian McGoiter (Brock Baker) uses his fantastic Swedish Chef impression in order to sing Sia's "Chandelier." Although this is not the song you already know. It's been chefterized and I personally love it. Baker is able to channel his inner Swedish Chef in order to make the perfect rendition of the cook's probable favorite song. His dance moves aren't the best but he's a muppet damnit! And the lyrics are just as understandable as the character himself. Nice way to hop on the return of The Muppets, McGoiter.

New Ben Carson 2016 Campaign Commercial - Funny or Die

Ben Carson hasn't had any luck in the polls recently (who am I kidding? He's one of the leading candidates) but that didn't stop him from creating a new campaign add! Featuring the likes of Carson's dying patients, the ad shows truly what this doctor can do. And that's apparently make a lot of bad doctoral mistakes.

Heavy Petting ft. John Mulaney - Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is a social entity that aims to bring about a better world. In one of their most recent videos, they use the great voice of John Mulaney in order to get the ball rolling on more frequent pet adoption. This video is in partnership with ASPCA in order to raise support for animal shelters. The result is a cute video that has a dog doing dog things while Mulaney narrates the actions. If you don't want to get a puppy (or older dog) after this, then you've got real issues. Later episodes are said to feature the likes of Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman. 

Watch Tig hype up her HBO special

Tig Notaro's HBO special Boyish Girl Interrupted is coming to HBO soon so, like any good performer would, Notaro hit the streets to promote it. Actually she stood near her billboard and averted passerby's gazes to the large building on which the billboard sat. People were honest telling Notaro they wouldn't watch or emphasizing how cool it was that she was on a building. It could all be summed up by the comedienne: "You get your own billboard and no one cares! No one knows who you are." Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted premieres on HBO on August 22

Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy Festival returns with Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer & other comedians

The Oddball Comedy Festival returns next month and Funny or Die has released the full schedule and dates. Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer are hosting while John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Anthony Jeselnik, Jay Pharoah, Nikki Glaser, Jeff Ross, Michael Che, Nick Thune, Rachel Feinstein, Rory Schovel, T.J. Miller and more are set to perform at various points in the festival. Tickets will go on sale starting this Friday. You can find all the dates, information and featured comedians over on the website. In the meantime, there's a neat, old timey announcement video you can watch.

Rob Huebel and Funny or Die want you to care about water

Do you care about water? If you're in California you should because those guys have, like, no water. Funny or Die has teamed up with Waterkeeper Alliance in order to spread awareness about the clean water initiative. Rob Huebel stars in a video in which he reminises about Intercourse Creek where he first got into porn. Don't worry; he was only looking at it. If he starred in one, it would have been weird.