Fall in 'Love' with the new trailer for the second season of the Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs led series

The second season of mumble core comedy Love is almost on Netflix. Though it's missing the very day of love itself (Valentine's Day) by a few weeks, it's most assuredly going to be as for and against love as it was in its freshman year. 

Season two looks to expand on the story of Micky and Gus as the former attends sex addiction meetings and the latter remains as dopey and hopeful as ever. The new season will also freature some guest stars like Rich Sommer and Mike Mitchell. Season two of Love premieres on Friday, March 10th.

Comedy Central is making press junkets funny again

If you listen to podcasts that feature long form interviews with celebrities, then you know that they hate press junkets. Spending fifteen minutes with some JoBlo website is not optimal and those short segments can build up to long seven hour days. It’s maddening. Comedy Central is taking on that premise with their new digital series Junketeers. The story follows Brian Unger, Barak Hardley, Austin Lyon, Phil Augustus Jackson and Amanda Lund as self obsessed Hollywood reporters trying to snag certain quotes from stars. The show will also have its fill of cameo appearances by stars like Gillian Jacobs, Chloe Grace Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Kristen Bell and more.

The series was created by MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, who’s presumably seen his share of junkets, and E! And Extra correspondent Ben Lyons, also in the same weathered junket boat. Junketeers is supposed to release today on all of Comedy Central’s platforms from its website to YouTube. Curiously, the show will also debut on Snapchat, Facebook, and and Twitter as a part of the channel’s social media push (as seen with The Daily Show at the national conventions).