"Stan Against Evil" season 2 is almost here

IFC's horror comedy Stan Against Evil was a welcome surprise last television season. The John C. McGinley starrer was as funny as it was dark and perverse. This new season looks to match that attitude.

Here's the synopsis: "Season 2 picks up again in Willard’s Mill, the small New England town where the perpetually disgruntled former sheriff Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) must begrudgingly get off his couch to solve the mystery of Sheriff Barret (Janet Varney)’s time-travelling disappearance. Through thick and thin, the unlikely team continues to battle against the unleashing of wicked demons trying to take over their town, which happens to be built on the site of a massive 17th century witch burning."

A back to back premiere will air on IFC starting Wednesday, November 1st at 10 PM.