Jerrod Carmichael is Making his Own Comedy Pilot for NBC

After cancelling the somewhat decent A to Z and the incredibly embarrassing Bad Judge, NBC has picked itself up to find another comedy show that won't take it out to dinner once and never call back. 

The network has given order to a multi-camera sitcom from the mind of Jerrod Carmichael. Variety reports that the show is inspired by Carmichael's stand up as well as his relationships with his friends, family and girlfriend. So it's basically MulaneySeinfeld, or any other sitcom based on a comedians' life from over the past 20 years.

Carmichael and one of his executive producers Nick Stoller (director of the Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors) are writing the pilot. 

The comedian has been in several other comedy projects including a supporting role in NeighborsLucas Bros. Moving Company, and Comedy Bang Bang. Carmichael's stand up special Love at the Store recently aired on HBO.