Comedy Central blesses the world with a trailer for Jordan Klepper's new show, a South Park marathon

Jordan Klepper will expand his reach past The Daily Show this fall with a new series that sounds a lot like The Colbert Show. Klepper will host The Opposition -- announced back in April -- where he opposes everything the 11 PM companion show stands for. It's "satirical" and "hyperbolic" (language per the press release) to both sides of the argument so it should be familiar. The Opposition with Jordan Klepper  premieres on Monday, September 25 at 11:30 PM. 

In other, marathonier news, South Park will get a marathon this September. From Wednesday, September 6th to Wednesday, September 13th, Comedy Central will air all 254 episodes (that's 127 hours) of the cartoon. The only thing interrupting it all will be new episodes of The Daily Show. Then, on September 13 at 10:00 PM, a the newest season will begin. 

Jordan Klepper's latest Comedy Central special wants to rid of guns in this new clip

New Comedy Central poster boy Jordan Klepper has a new special coming to the network and it's all about guns. Jordan Klepper Solves Guns tasks the host to examine America's sick obsession with guns and the culture surrounding it. He traveled around the nation to places like an NRA convention in Atlanta to get to the bottom of the relationship. Jordan Klepper Solves Guns airs on Comedy Central this Sunday, June 11th at 10:00pm.