Kate Micucci to be wooed by animals-turned-men Steve Howey & Justin Chatwin in new indie flick

Dogs turning into people? What is this, the Tim Allen film That Shaggy Dog on opposite day? That seems to be the premise for the new indie film Unleashed starring Garfunkel and Oate's Kate Micucci alongside Shameless actors Steve Howey and Justin Chatwin. THR reports that Micucci will play Emma, an app designer who relocates to San Francisco after being cheated on by her boyfriend. Howey and Chatwin play Micucci's pets Ajax and Summit who transform into handsome men and begin to romance their owner. Think of it as a throwback to such classics as The Animal or The Island of Dr. MonreauUnleashed comes from the brain of Finn Taylor (Dream with the Fishes) who is also writing and directing.