New Face Friday: 'About Last Week' is an EP about last week

Boy do I like a good EP. And boy do I enjoy a clever title. This week's New Face Friday features both of those things. Coming from Cam Crum, under the musically artsy name Pencilbody, About Last Week features four of his latest songs. They're smooth and rhythm heavy, a different genre you can see I'm having trouble describing. Take a listen to his tunes. They're great.

Pencilbody does a lot of things but he's currently focusing on music. He resides in Portland at the moment with hopes of making it big on the indie music scene. He draws in his spare time. 

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Famous Oldie Advertises the Finest Mace - New Face Friday

Tired of rascally bears rummaging through your trash or killing you children? Try "Bear Binko's Bear Mace;" It's sure to keep all bears at bay. Works on black, brown, grizzly, and polar bears. Not sure about human bears though. 

Famous Oldie creates award winning comedy shorts on their website. Their talent has already garnered them some decent attention. They had a short that won rising star at the Canada International Film Festival in 2014 (but I was informed that they're from Long Island and Connecticut. So don't worry; they're still cool). In the future, the group has an upcoming large scale short called "Barney Strong" they will feature at a festival.

The core of Famous Oldie is Trevor Clifford, director and composer Ben Kujawski, and UCB star Matt Newby.

Famous Oldie

New Face Friday: "Bake" Mac & Cheese with Natalie

Natalie brings her baking talents to the world of pasta. Who is she cooking for, you ask? I'm sure she's got a family or something. If not that then at least she has her bong. We also learn that she is most thankful for cheese aka liquid gold. 

The fine folks at PROco PROduction coMPANY once again created another quality video. What's stopping them from becoming the next big thing at this point? Will we ever see Natalie happy? Why am I in the question mood today? Congratulations PROco, you've made it to level 5.


Starring: Natalie Hoffer
Directed by: Joseph R. Davis & Brian Gerson 
Music: Kevin MacLeod at 


New Face Friday: "Nude Parents" Invade your iPhones

Ever want to see your parents naked? No. The answer is always no. If you said yes, there's a real problem. The guys over at Simply Unemployable have created a trailer for an app called Nude Parents. It's exactly what you think it is.

Simply Unemployable is an improv and sketch comedy troupe led by Matt Catanzano and Richie Moriarty. The two have extensive backgrounds in the Boston comedy scene. In 2012, they signed a partner channel contract with the very funny people at Above Average. So it's safe to say these guys know what they're doing.


Written by Richie Moriarty
Directed by Richie Moriarty and Matt Catanzano
Director of Photography, Colorist: Chris Loughran, No End Media LLC
Visual Effects, Assistant Camera, Lighting and Sound: Sean Meehan, Cross River Pictures
Production Assistant: Amy Pedulla
Nude Parents Logo by Ciara Gay

Dad - Stephen Donovan
Mom - Danielle Perry
Daughter - Maeve Lyons
Son - Austin Ryan
Voice Over by Richie Moriarty