Funny or Die Now Wants To Tell You The News


Funny of Die thinks it is possible to be both funny and informative at the same time. This Wednesday, the company announced it's launching a news oriented "content vertical. THR reports that Funny or Die News will feature daily editorials about current news.

Dan Abramson, the man overseeing the entire operation, cites The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as on of the hub's inspirations for comedy news: "You can be entertained while getting your news," he said. "This should be something that people can go to to stay informed but also get some really great comedy out of it." 

Funny or Die News will begin with blog posts that feature the day's most important news, essay-like pieces, and columns from real as well as character driven writers. Topics will range from politics to entertainment and, fuck it, why not sports and science too. So basically most things  in the world.

Other comedy news outlets include Splitsider, A.V. Club, The Colbert Report, The Onion, and THIS SITE RIGHT HERE. We are a crowded but loving bunch.