Chris Hardwick's latest gig is a multifacted festival

Hardworking Hardwick Chris is up to his hard wick in word. You'd think after recently getting married that he'd take more than a week or two off from life itself. But his ethic must be admired, regardless if you like him or not. The comedian/podcast host/talk show host/insomniac already has his next job lined up. 

Hardwick announced via Twitter today that he's throwing a festival. It's not a regular old comedy or music festival. The ID10T Festival (that's a zero in there) will feature comedy, music and comic books. Bands like Weezer and The Mowgli's will join comics like Michael Che and Nikki Glaser as well as signings from comic book artists and something called a Interactive Comic Conival. The festival goes down in Silicon Valley from June 24th to the 25th. And cosplay is welcome if that's your thing.