VOTW: Confederate Flags, Bernie Sanders and Hannibal Buress

 Kalvin's Konfederate Flag Kavalcade

Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler are super topical in this week's video of the week! Getting rid of confederate flags is all the rage at the moment. In a send up of local commercials, Kalvin decides it's the right time to empty his stock and pass the saving on to you. 


Bernie Sanders is Not Boring

James Adomian breaks out his on point Bernie Sanders impression once again for Funny Or Die. Sanders must prove to voters that he's not boring. He skateboards, does drugs and attends parties as a sign of coolness. 


Hannibal Buress Speakeasy Interview

Paul F. Tompkins sits down to enjoy a drink with the great Hannibal Buress. The two talk about Buress becoming an action hero as well as his rise to fame. 

'Bojack Horseman' returns to Netflix in July

The sultry sounds of Will Arnett's voice will return to Netflix super soon. The streaming service announced the second season of Bojack Horseman is coming back with 12 episodes on July 17. Netflix was even gracious enough to include a a description of events in a press release: 

Will Arnett voices BoJack, the legendary 90’s sitcom star, who has been trying to find his way through a muddle of self-loathing, whisky and failed relationships. Now starring in his dream movie (a biopic of Secretariat), but humbled by the events of last season, BoJack attempts to use his career second wind as a stepladder to a springboard to becoming a newer, better BoJack. But new challenges on set and in his personal life, and the demons of his past make it difficult to shake off the skin of his previous self. If season one of BoJack Horseman is about a character learning he needs to change, the new season is about whether or not he can. It’s a character in a rut, trying to pull out of that rut, and the rut pulling back.

Also, there are lots of surprise guest stars and funny talking animal jokes.

And here's a poster for your enjoyment:

Paul F. Tompkins Teases some Sort of Mr. Show Reunion for this Year

Mustacheod and well dressed man Paul F. Tompkins tweeted a photo of him and seven of the Mr. Show cast/writers in late December. Even more interesting is that his tweet read "Eight men out...of the 1990s. Maybe something new coming from the Mr. Show gang in the new year?" What does this all mean, Pauly?!

Could they be prepping for a 2015 reunion? What about a live show? An HBO exclusive special? Or were they just chilling out? 

Whatever the case, be ready. We've been waiting for this for a long time. On an unrelated note, I'd love to see a Cake Boss special courtesy of the Comedy Bang Bang! crew. Get to it, Saucerman!

Check out the tweet below.