"Weekend Update" to get four weeks of primetime pleasure

It's happening. Again. The ever popular Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live is going to primetime during the off season. Hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost will bring their witty brand of news to the evening starting on August 10. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that NBC announced today that four new specials will be produced.

Below is an episode of News Time that went over a history of "Weekend Update's" history with primetime and how SNL's ratings are exploding this season.

This isn't the first time the show has tried an evening move. Elections specials dubbed Weekend Update Thursday  in the fall of 2008 ran for three consecutive weeks. Fall 2009 saw a return to the format for the same amount of time. SNL creator Lorne Michaels said that, in the same season, winter and spring episodes were to join the schedule in early 2010 but those never did. It wasn't until nearly four years later that Weekend Update Thursday came back for two episodes in September of 2012.

More recetnly during the summer national conventions for democrats and republicans, Che and Jost got to perform live during MSNBC's coverage to crowds of tens.Ratings slipped for the later years which explains the absence and ultimate cancellation. Sadly, this new political climate has allowed for punchier lines and ample stories. 

'Michael Che Matters' in his new stand up special

From TV to stage to TV and stage again, Michael Che is comfortable wherever it's appropriate to tell jokes. Viewers may know him from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segements from the past few years. Some may also remember him from his short stint on The Daily Show which lasted a few months before he left for SNL. Now comedy lovers can see him on Netflix in his new special Michael Che Matters during which he will speak on the classic topic of drugs, white women and police brutality. Classic police brutality. Stream Michael Che Matters on Netflix starting Friday, November 25.