Adam Devine and Joe Biden are getting the word out about sexual assault at college

Joe Biden is doing just as much as Michelle and Barack Obama are doing as they all enter their last few months of presidential relevancy. Michelle hung out with Ellen recently and Barry himself appeared on Zach Galifianakis and Scott Aukerman's Between Two Ferns. Now Bro Biden made a Funny or Die video with Adam Devine about sexual assault on college campuses. Like many comedy videos with real messages, this one has all the serious turns needed. But the best joke has to be that all the kids thought a suit donned Biden was a college student. Classic.

Leslie Jones is John Cena's life coach

Hey remember the Lorne Michaels produced website The Kicker? Me neither. Regardless, it's back with a special video to promote tonight's ESPY awards. Leslie Jones has officially taken the mantle of John Cena's life coach (mostly because she bought the polo and whistle already). Watch as she uses the harsh truth like how Amy Schumer on casted Cena in Trainwreck because she wanted to have sex with him. Man, Leslie sure can preach the truth. Anyways, check out Cena this evening as he hosts the ESPYS and Jones as she stars in that new Ghostbusters this Friday.

Rob Huebel and Funny or Die want you to care about water

Do you care about water? If you're in California you should because those guys have, like, no water. Funny or Die has teamed up with Waterkeeper Alliance in order to spread awareness about the clean water initiative. Rob Huebel stars in a video in which he reminises about Intercourse Creek where he first got into porn. Don't worry; he was only looking at it. If he starred in one, it would have been weird.

Alec Baldwin Raps with Chance, Who is also a Rapper

Oh my gosh. This is the best thing I've seen this morning.

Two of my favorite people, Chance the Rapper and Alec Baldwin, collaborated for what I can only assume will be a full featured EP one day. Baldwin ventured to the Midwest to promote Young Chicago Authors. At said event, the actor met with Chance the Rapper and the two came up with a short beatbox rap with Carl Sandburg's poem "Chicago."

Who knew these two would prove to be an elite duo? No one, that's who.

Cookie Monster, John Oliver Host A Fake News Show (With Special Guests)

Fake news is all the rage now. Just look at Buzzfeed. Or Fox News. Now Mashable is throwing their hat into the ring with W-ORD Channel 7 News with John Oliver & Cookie Monster. The two report on stories like the word chair missing the letter C and, of course, there is some banter about cookies. John Oliver is joined by special guests Kate McKinnon, Nick Offerman and Al Roker.