'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' continues to astound even in its 9th season

While "seasons" for the web series don't run like TV's seasons, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee still has a decent web life. Jerry and coffee are joined by a good set of comedians like Kristen Wiig, Cedric the Entertainer, Christoph Waltz, Norm MacDonald and way more. Season nine debuts on Januray 5th on Crackle (still?).

Ben Schwartz and Lauren Lapkus star in a morning show that shoots at night (UPDATED)

The worst part about morning shows is that they air in the morning. Wouldn't it be great if they shot in the middle of the night and aired around the same time? Not really but that's not stopping Lauren Lapkus and Ben Schwartz. The two have teamed for a Funny or Die series called The Earliest Show, a late night talk show that masquerades as a morning show. Josh (Schwartz) and Samantha (Lapkus) do all the hip morning show bits like cooking segments and guest interviews while trying the reach the valuable demographic of insomniacs and people who go to work at 3 AM.

As if that weren't enough, the show features a meta story that will dive into the lives of Josh and Samantha. Special guests include Reggie Miller, Reggie Watts, Jake Johnson, Thomas Middleditch, Jane Levy, Pedro Pascal, along with performances from Eugene Cordero, Betsy Sodaro and Arielle Vandenberg. Following the premiere, episodes will run from November 8 to December 6 every Tuesday.

UPDATE (12/12/2016): Here's the whole show, jerks.

Alec Baldwin's web series is back to take couples on Love Rides

Between hosting the seriously fantastic new Match Game and starring out of the window of his New York High rise thinking to himself "Why am I so damned perfect," Alec Baldwin must be pretty busy. But the host isn't busy enough to not return to his Above Average web show Love Ride where he takes love birds on a drive and dishes out love advice. Lots of love going around. Anyway, this week's episode features ultimate Girls crush Jemima Kirke and the wonderful Hilaria Baldwin to talk shop about all things love. This is just the start of a new season too.

Get your Nathan Fielder kick with ‘David’

If you’ve been jonesing for some of Nathan Fielder’s dry with and can’t wait for the third season of Nathan For You, check out the web series David on Super Deluxe. The five episode series, which comes from writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp, stars Fielder as the title character. He learns that he has only five weeks to live after a black stone growth appears on his heart. He sets out to make his life better until his ultimate death in five weeks. And if a starring Fielder role doesn’t get you convinced, Jenny Slate pops up as well. Check out the entire series in the playlist above.

Comedy Central is making press junkets funny again

If you listen to podcasts that feature long form interviews with celebrities, then you know that they hate press junkets. Spending fifteen minutes with some JoBlo website is not optimal and those short segments can build up to long seven hour days. It’s maddening. Comedy Central is taking on that premise with their new digital series Junketeers. The story follows Brian Unger, Barak Hardley, Austin Lyon, Phil Augustus Jackson and Amanda Lund as self obsessed Hollywood reporters trying to snag certain quotes from stars. The show will also have its fill of cameo appearances by stars like Gillian Jacobs, Chloe Grace Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Kristen Bell and more.

The series was created by MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, who’s presumably seen his share of junkets, and E! And Extra correspondent Ben Lyons, also in the same weathered junket boat. Junketeers is supposed to release today on all of Comedy Central’s platforms from its website to YouTube. Curiously, the show will also debut on Snapchat, Facebook, and and Twitter as a part of the channel’s social media push (as seen with The Daily Show at the national conventions).