"Sex Detective" - Key & Peele Review

Key & Peele
“Sex Detective”
Season 4, Episode 7

Chad White, Rating: That’s nasty

This review is late. Very late. I have no excuses except for school and work. Fuck those things. But really, they’re keeping me from the things that I want to do like writing. So this review will be the best written thing that I have done in a minute. It may be short but at least it exists.

Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele have done some weird stuff. Tonight’s (err last week’s) episode of Key & Peele showed us an even stranger side with the opening titular (HAHA) sketch. “Sex Detective” followed Peele as a guy who can determine crimes by masturbating over the crime scene. These two are part of the few people that take fantastic directing, acting and writing and make it incredibly immature. Not to say that that’s a bad thing. I loved seeing Peele squat over part of the set as he went to town on his Johnson.

The following sketch was pretty ambitious for what it was worth. A mostly unfunny yet interesting sendoff of 90’s B-movie sequels had a mullet wearing Key on a mission to rescue a damsel in distress. Look at that title too, “Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning.” It just sounds fantastically bad, doesn’t it? The presentation was a big part of the sketch. The screen was in a 4:3 aspect ratio while synth music encompassed the soundtrack. Key wore a tasseled leather jacket and had a mullet. Oh. There were also many, many neck snaps. But, again, there were no jokes to be found. It’s only funny when the soft touch of Key’s hands kills the girl is when I finally let out a short chuckle.

Obama came back with anger translator Luther. The two talked drone strikes. I feel at this point the big cheese is getting tired of Luther. He seems displeased with some of the things his translator says. It just came to my mind when he ordered a drone to fly in the room to calm Luther down. It’s just a theory but one I’m sticking with.

The final sketch followed our men in drag with Key as a bigger woman. The two were Menchie employees. And here I thought Menchies was just a Georgia place. How dare I not know franchises. Anyway, Key informs Peele that the yogurt is fat free and also free for employees. You can see immediately that she eats it every second of every day. Her body is ginormous. She brags about her boyfriend returning from Afghanistan after a year in the army. His face when he walks in to see an excited Key is appropriate with his response being “oh, she must not work here anymore.” He may have known it was her the entire time but, either way, it was the right way to get out of it.

Should you watch “Sex Detective?”

I liked this episode enough for the masturbation premise alone. And that Menchies sketch was strange gold for me. I laughed at the episode as a whole save for the Strike Force 3 part. But that’s not to say that the sketch wasn’t great, it just made me not laugh.

I’ll try to write the next review faster and make it more cohesive.