"Terrible Henchmen" - Key & Peele Review

Key & Peele
“Terrible Henchmen”
Season 4, Episode 8

Chad White, Rating: Igor Likes

You know them. You love them. They’re your favorite villains bumbling sidekicks. They’re henchmen. Utter wastes of space and ultimately worthless, henchmen have been around forever. They were in Guardians of the Galaxy, Superman, and probably even Citizen Kane. Key and Peele are lucky because they’re partners and have no need for henchmen. But that wasn’t the case with tonight’s episode.

The first sketch dealt with a classic modern day movie bad guy played by Key. We catch the story at its climax with the hero - played by Hayes MacArthur - is captured. Key is ready to torture MacArthur but Peele continually interrupts by peeking out of a sliding metal door. That escalates into him giving unsolicited advice. The guys were good with this ending as it had both the henchman and hero locked up next to each other.

The next sketch is about a Hispanic high school principal played by Key who is holding an assembly for his students. Peele is a no-good-nick turned rehabbed good guy who is speaking at the school. It’s interesting to see how far these guys are willing to go for a laugh. Peele’s character starts off somewhat sane but then his stories become filled with lies about aids, stealing from his family, pianos falling on his head, being trampled by buffalo and so on. His lines are often followed with the word “consequences.” It’s the repetition that sells the joke. Even seeing the students and faculty get up and leave was funny.

Another notable sketch was as weird as any other sketch that has been on the show. Peele is at work getting coffee. The set is looking out over a city. Suddenly, a large mushroom cloud overtakes the city . What does Peele do? He continues to make his coffee. It was strange and different and I’m not sure I totally got the concept. I think I liked it.

Should you watch “Terrible Henchman?”

Not every episode has to have notable sketches. Tonight’s was good enough with tiny little jokes throughout. The cold open with the urinal screaming was just as funny as the coffee sketch. Another sketch that dealt with the guys playing thugs at a restaurant was surprisingly delightful. Let’s see where they go from here.