Godzilla Review: King of Kaiju


American audiences were introduced to Godzilla in 1954 when Jewel Enterprises Inc. bought the rights to create a Godzilla, King of Monsters! movie. Another movie was created in 1998 created by Roland Emmerich, starring Matthew Broderick and mediocrity. That movie then spawned a sequel series that encompassed late nineties animation. Now, we finally have the visually stunning and intense giant lizard monster fighting movie we’ve always wanted.

The dynamic team of Cranny and A-Aron.

The dynamic team of Cranny and A-Aron.

Starring Aaron Tyler Johnson, fresh off Captain America Winter Soldier and Kick Ass 2Godzilla is the story of a man trying to keep his family together. I know; it sounds like a Tyler Perry movie. But I swear it’s 1,000 times better. Johnson gives a fine performance but Bryan Cranston really steals the show for the amount of time that he is on screen. They come from a disjointed family; the mother was killed in a reactor accident in Japan, on Cranston’s birthday no less, and he’s been trying to find answers for why the reactor failed ever since. 15 years later, Johnson is in the military and returns from duty.

However, his time spent at home is short lived as his father, who still resides in Japan, is arrested for trespassing on the supposedly radioactive town where the reactor failed. After accompanying his father to their abandoned town, the two soon find out that the government has been lying to them the entire time. There is no radioactivity and they have in their possession an egg of some giant monster. Enter said giant monster. It looks a lot like Kabuto or Megakabuterimon. The monster, also known as a kaiju, breaks out of the egg and flies. The government enlists the help of the father and son duo to stop the bug. Then Godzilla comes play!

This movie has an appropriate mount of twists and turns but nothing will really satisfy you like the fighting. It takes a while to get there but it’s so worth it. About 40 minutes in, Gozilla rears his giant tail to fight bug monster and the battles are so intense. You’ll be shaking with every rumble of Godzilla’s giant stomp; shiver when you hear the crashing of every building; and punch the air with every blow the monsters dole out. There’s also an Olsen in this movie and she does a fine job. Maybe overreacts but she’s cute so I let it slide. She plays Johnson’s wife. They almost bang like five times. It sure is going to be weird when the two play brother and sister in Avengers Age of Ultron.

So is this movie worth your time? 

Yes. It very much is. So what if it takes a while to get to the action? And who cares if the writing isn’t as good as it should be? It is a monster fighting movie after all. Plus, there’s already a sequel in development(cause DUH money) which basically guarantees a third movie. I’m calling it now. Studios love trilogies nowadays.