Jason Nash Is Married Review

Chad White, Comedy Man, Marry Me?

The life of a comedian, writer, producer, and anything else that deals with entertainment in Hollywood can be difficult. Not many people can take the pain of rejection or remain the same person after a bout of success. Comedy is particularly hard which is proven time and time again. Standups and writers live a life of absence from family and risk joblessness for extended periods of time or they can be driven to the hermit life and become self-indulgent. But what about when a nonworking writer is upstaged by their working significant other? Hollywood is tricky to navigate when your better half is doing better than you. It’s even worse when you are given more opportunities only to have chance dash them away.

That’s the story of Comedy Central’s first movie Jason Nash Is Married. We follow a fictionalized Jason Nash (played by real life comedian man Jason Nash). He’s a struggling writer that wants to make his wife happy. However, Jason’s problems stem farther than not having a job; his wife – played by Busy Phillips – grows to resent him and, the main problem, he’s just not looking for a job. Nash lives in a world where he cruises on the coat tails of his more successful producer wife. He often plays basketball with his friends or just puts off writing all together.

Married plays out like an extended Curb Your Enthusiasm. We are taken through weeks of Jason’s life as he moves his way through Hollywood. There are parts when Jason is on top, where nothing can touch him; at other points, he is at his lowest. And that’s what this movie is about. The ups and downs of life in a writer’s life. He goes down dark roads but nothing gets more serious than divorce. The story is shown in a two story format with the end of Jason’s experience and the beginning playing out side-by-side. This dynamic is interesting to say the least albeit confusing at first. It can be hard to discern what period of Jason’s career we’re looking at. The only defining aspect is that he has a mustache later on.

Acting is fine for what they got. Jason Nash does what he can to display a comedian who is struggling with a job search. Ultimately, Jason comes off as Marc Maron’s double with a podcast run out of a small room, a weird “hipster mustache,” and his constant talk about love and other emotions. Busy Phillips is perfect but not given much to do except for complain or go to work as Nash’s wife. The best part about the whole film is the amount of cameos by other comedians that are peppered in the movie. Stand outs include David Koechner who is delightfully creepy as Jason’s neighbor and Paul F. Tompkins as a marriage counselor. Others include T.J. Miller, Andrea Savage, Paul Scheer, Andrew Daly, Casey Wilson and the list goes on.

More notable distinctions about Married is the way it looks. Made for only $12,000, this movie looks pretty damn okay. My favorite shots are during Nash’s podcast where the director takes more liberal angles using the up close technique to his advantage. But with a small budget, the movie does struggle at points. White balance can be hard against the California sun; sound is distorted a bit during windy outdoor scenes; the script is a little jumbled with conveniences and a little slowdown in the plot around the second act. But this movie was shot with heart and handled with care by Nash and his crew which makes this movie likeable.

Should you watch Jason Nash Is Married?

If you can get past the low budget look and some script stuff, this movie can be a treat. Don’t go in expecting the comedy movie of the century. It’s more of an introspective look at how show business can affect someone’s life.  So go see it. Now.

Buy Jason Nash Is Married on this site that is also called JasonNashIsMarried.com. Coincidence? I think not.