Whitney Cummings: I Love You Review


Chad White
Likes: Whitney Cummings
Dislikes: Low Brow Dick Jokes
Hates: Stereotypes

 “I love you” is the first thing I said when I saw Whitney Cummings a few years ago. I don’t recall what I was watching, probably one of those Comedy Central Roasts, but I knew that I was attracted to her not just because she’s incredibly beautiful but because she knew what she wanted and who she was. Cummings has this walk about her that screams “Who the fuck are you? I don’t care.” In a more or less ironic light, her latest standup special is titled I Love You so it’s like she read my mind.

Throughout the 40 minutes that she’s on stage, Cummings goes through the usual repertoire of stereotypical jokes that one would expect from a female comedian. There’s dick jokes, vagina jokes, period jokes, jokes on dating, jokes on sex and a lot of cussing. I’m not one to like most of these but the way Whitney wrote them intrigued me. True, she did go for easy ones like a couple of masturbation jabs towards guys but then she would give the most detailed account of how guys think women like it when they finish on their face. It sounds disgusting, or super sexy if you’re into that, here but the way she articulates such a taboo topic is astounding. Cummings uses a wide array of bodily movements to even get the punch lines across.

Most jokes are verbose when the comedienne goes into long diatribes about sexual actions she’d done with her latest ex-boyfriend. It’s almost as if you were there with the two of them as they performed whatever act Cummings was describing. Her facial expressions match the tone of the moment and real sexual pain can be seen in those eyes. And I mean good sexual pain. You know the kind I’m talking about. Other topics include showering together, differences between crazy guys and crazy girls (“for a guy to be called crazy, he’s got to be naked in an alley jerking off on a dead pigeon.”), and my favorite, love.

Should you watch Whitney Cummings: I Love You?

That depends if it’s your scene. Themed standup specials are always a tough sell. Not everyone can sit and watch somebody else talk about love and sex things that they already know. How often do comedians talk about their love life while trying to get you to relate? Too often. But Whitney Cummings is doing it in a novel way here. She loves herself enough to go on stage and pantomime jerking off in a squatted position. There are people that often complain that women aren’t funny. Cummings comes back to prove those idiots wrong and finishes right on their face.