"Mechanic/Realtor" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Mechanic/Realtor ”
Season 2, Episode 1

Chad White, Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost, Terrified Of Real Estate Opportunities

Mechanics haven’t been known for their honesty. Realtors are the same way. Both careers make most of their money off of lying to their customers. And they should get away with it if they could. That’s what the American lifestyle is based on: lying in order to get ahead. But the other half of that is gullibility, or rather, Americans’ inability to think beyond the now. If we can be patient and not want to have everything at this moment, perhaps we’d be able to see the truth more clearly. Or perhaps I’m talking out of my ass. Nathan Fielder seems to know what he’s talking about in the return of his show, Nathan For You.

When he’s not posting vague pictures of naked men on Instagram, Fielder is planning out unique ways for businesses to become successful. Season two kicks off with a trip to a mechanic that has trouble drawing in the customers. After listening to the problems that the shop has, Fielder determines that the best course of action is for the mechanic to undergo live polygraph testing in front of the customers. This seems like a plausible way to bring back repeat customers and even gain a new following. The mechanic does so and the customers react positively. The only person who is angry is Fielder because he believes the lie detector is faulty due to it saying he watched porn. You’d go to an honest mechanic in a heartbeat if it didn’t mean you had to spend $890 on a new starter and ignition module. But these guys are your only option. You can’t take your car anywhere else. Your Honda Civic is at 217,000 miles and she’s on her last legs. I’ve been in that position and it sucks so much.

What sucks even more is that I had to spend a week with no car stranded in a house I did not like. But I can’t buy a house because: a. I’m 21 and have very little money due to college debt and b. I need a better job. When I do find a realtor, however, I expect that person to be 100% honest with me. That means no mold, no cracks, and definitely no ghosts. Fielder made sure there were no ghosts as he helped a woman who needed a new way to show houses. Hiring a ghost expert and exorcist, Fielder drew out the demonic specter in order to make the house feel, well, more homey. Upon showing the house, the realtor was tasked with telling the perspective buyer that the house was once under haunting but has since been cleared of any ghostly figures. Yes the person was admittedly shocked but they were way safer. And isn’t that the most important thing?

Should you watch Nathan For You “Mechanic/Realtor ?”

Yes. Nathan brings back his show in full force. Plus, this will be a great introduction to the series for any newcomers. Then, in a few weeks, you’ll finally be able to see what all this Dumb Starbucks talk was about.

Nathan For You airs at 10 PM Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.