"Taxi Service/Hot Dog Stand" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Taxi Service/Hot Dog Stand”
Season 2, Episode 7

Chad White, Uber Excited To Write This Review, Hot Dog Reference

We all have to fail at some point. It’s just a natural part of life. Take a look at babies. Those stupid things don’t succeed at anything all the time. This week’s Nathan For You was a sight to behold. The prodigal businessman wasn’t able to pull off a last minute with this time around. He seemed indifferent but I know deep down inside that Nathan was sad about both situations.

When a new startup looks more desirable and simple to the consumer, said person will take the easy route. This tidbit rang true tonight as a Chicago cab company requested Fielder’s help when they began to lose business to Uber. The plan looked to be relatively okay at first. Offer free rides to women who are pregnant. Now that’s a revolutionary idea. Another concession was made where the women had to be in their third trimester. Under these terms – which equates to movie logic - some woman is bound to have a baby back there.

On the first ride, Nathan tags along with the driver. In a cute and equally awkward scene, Fielder tries to get to know the driver. Of course, not knowing our host all too well, the driver refuses to tell Fielder his secrets. What a jerk.  But during the ride, Fielder has second thoughts about his baby birth cab plan. He is concerned that the cab may be too unsafe for a newborn. The solution is to turn the car into a sort of mobile hospital. Nathan was so giddy during the second half of this bit. It was so great seeing him into actually pulling this off. The birthing cab was supposed to drive to an unprepared pregnant woman’s home. She wouldn’t have the need for a hospital at all. Finding a woman was the easy part. Fielder had to convince her the operation was safe. He even went out of his way to find a midwife. Then, he hired an obstetrician to quiz the midwife. This was done “using a disguise:” Fielder tells his midwife that a mechanic (aforementioned obstetrician) needs to check out the car. During his car examination, the doctor would ask questions pertaining to the birth. But Nathan makes the situation awkward by mentioning that the mechanic/doctor is from the same exact neighborhood as the midwife. I’m sure this was a power move done on purpose but it was entirely sinister on Fielder’s part. Sadly though, the plan didn’t pan out. The woman was too unsure to do the birth in the back of a cab even after having the owner beg for it.

Seeing that man basically give it his all was sad but it set up the second half of the episode perfectly. Viewers begin to think “maybe this one will work” but, upon seeing the owners of the next business, instantly take back their statement. The entrepreneurs of a hot dog stand in L.A. are already doing great business. They have long lines every day. Of course, any business can do better.  Fielder considers the long lines as having negative impact on the stand. But, before he made that observation, he took it upon himself to check out a lunch service. He wore a motorcycle helmet with his button up shirt and khaki pants. Obviously, he stood out. And it was glorious.

His plan this time around was so stupid but it works. People in a hurry would be able to cut the line if they fell into preordained line cutting factors. Everything was going swimmingly until a someone decided to act like an actual human being. A guy lied to get to the front. How do we know he lied? Fielder noted that the guy was allowed to cut the line but he sat and ate for 45 minutes. That guy was a complete jerk. Fielder followed the lying bastard once he left and he ended up at a movie theater. To get him back, Fielder told the stand’s owners that he wanted to kill him. They did not like that plan to say the least. If I were them, I would’ve let Fielder “take care” of the guy. His face during the scene was truly funny as he kept a straight face while the owners sat in horror. Their disgust is our pleasure I guess. Even though he was fired, Fielder knew it was his duty to protect the brand of the hot dog stand. He tricked the lying scum to come on a free boat ride where he was bombarded with the people that he cut in line. These people were not entertained when they came face to face with their foe. One mother just plain went off on him. She was seriously offended. It all came down to an unsatisfying punishment but I don’t know what I really expected since murder is illegal.

Should you watch “Taxi Service/Hot Dog Stand?”

So far, it’s the weakest of the season but it’s still entertaining. The taxi service part was weird but not more so than the exterminator. Hot dog stand was bland but it sped up towards the middle. Both had unforeseen endings and that’s what I want. Watch it for the quick, weird bits but don’t expect big scale like the past few episodes.