"Toy Company/Movie Theater" - Nathan For You

Nathan For You
“Toy Company/Movie Theater”
Season 2, Episode 8

Chad White, Owns Several...Toys, Never Touched Self In Movie Theater

This season’s Nathan For You was my first foray into reviewing an entire season as well as the show itself. I got to see into the hive mind of a business and see how and why it can lose money. Many of the reasons why these businesses are having trouble is because there are often others out there doing something different. They’re taking their unique business aspects to an entirely new level. A car wash could be offering a free plushie with every wash. A candy shop could force its workers to dress up as clowns in order to appear more fun. Whatever happens, it’s pertinent for an entrepreneur to venture out of their comfort zone in order to improve and subsequently survive. But tonight, we saw a toy store owner who wouldn’t do that. He wasn’t interested in the idea that Nathan provided for him. Sure, it was slightly unethical and almost cruel, but it was proven to work.

Fielder’s idea for the toy store was for the owner to market his god awful ball as a toy for big kids. Children between the ages of three and eight have the thought process of being big kids so when it came to being called babies, they were offended. This ball would give them the false stigma of being associated with the older kids. But from the beginning, the owner was an asshole. Even when he was shown results from a focus group made up of young children, the guy wouldn’t accept anything as a positive outcome. Fielder even made a commercial to emphasize the idea that the ball would bring a level of sophistication to a young child.

But that wasn’t enough for the owner so Nathan made his friend, James Bailey, play Santa and suggest the toy to kids that sat on his lap. As a side note, notice how forceful he is with the children. Bailey grasps each child’s arm with a tight grip. It’s as if he doesn’t want them leaving unless they bought one of the toy balls. But even sales weren’t enough to sway the toy store owner. Fielder felt it was right to gift a talking bobble head to the owner. As payback, the toy mocked how much of a dick the owner was acting toward Fielder. (“Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm an idiot businessman with a small dick.") It was very fitting for the ending of a rude person’s story where they didn’t want to evolve to innovate.

The next story begins as another interlude like previous’ weeks. The security guard, Simon, with a weakness for large breasts is back and Fielder is rewarding him with a reality show. Following Brian Wolfe getting his own show on Investigation Discovery, Fielder wanted to capitalize on potential clients that he’d already worked with. The result was hilariously strange. He goes into great detail about his day during his talking head. He went over the exact time he woke up, how he eats his hot pocket (because it tastes better than cereal), and even how he puts on his uniform (socks before the pants). Of course the show doesn’t get picked up but it’s all about the journey right?

The final story of the season revolves around a struggling movie theater’s attempt to stay relevant. They barely get by thanks to the price of their concessions. Nathan’s plan here is to sell every person their own concession which will end sharing. The plan seems to work until he suspects people of not following the no sharing policy. He goes to a couple wearing several head flashlights and a freaking lantern and confronts them about the one bag of popcorn between them. He even smells the husbands’ hands which makes it all the more uncomfortably funny. To make things easier on himself, he installs night vision cameras in order to see others who are breaking the rules. And also men who see children’s movies alone at night. Testing the camera set up included having a worker phantom masturbate at various seats throughout the theater. Of course everyone is doing it. So he decides to shame them. Snack sharers and perverts are going to be outed on a cork board that reads “POPCORN SHARERS AND THEATER MASTURBATORS” with a still of them doing whatever act it is they are doing. Sadly though, this was another idea that wasn’t right for the company.

Should you watch “Toy Company/Movie Theater?”

A very good ending to a terrific season. Having this episode follow another failure of an episode (in a rejected idea sense) really shows you the highs and lows of businesses. This season we saw a big stunt make world headlines in Dumb Starbucks and crazy ones like having 60 maids clean a house at once. What we learned here is that no idea is too small or out of place to help in even the smallest of degrees.