"Daddy's Watching/Party Planner" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Daddy’s Watching/Party Planner”
Season 2, Episode 6

Chad White, You're Invited To My Party, Only If Your Daddy Comes

It’s always weird to think about today’s dating scene. In the past, people actually went out to meet someone or they were set up on blind dates. Now, we can sign up for a service – free or paid – and meet a man or woman almost instantly. Blind dates aren’t even blind anymore. Your friend can give you the name of your date and you can find them on the internet in under one minute. All of the fun in meeting somebody new is completely gone. But with innovation comes ease. Dating sites are plentiful with several spanning certain niches. Farmer’s Only, Christian Singles, Black People Meet; the list goes on. This week, Nathan develops a strategy for a seemingly LA based dating website to garner more users.

The title of the episode is as creepy as it sounds. The idea is to send a protective “father” figure along with the female user of the site on her date with a male user. The father strikes quickly too. As the date is going to pick up the girl, he is bombarded with questions by said father to make sure he isn’t up to no good. Fielder plays the role of dad for the first test and is barley inconspicuous about it. A question about wringing a woman’s neck is ever so slightly dropped into conversation but the male date is not deterred. When the two leave, it is up to Fielder to continue following the woman. “Daddy” keeps a hawk’s eye on the two from a safe distance. At a bowling alley, Fielder disguises himself as a woman in Islamic religious garb. What’s even better is that the girl didn’t even notice that Fielder was bowling right next to them; she was way too into her date. What’s irksome is some of the conversation between the two of them. The male and female start talking about 9/11. Who the heck does that on a date let alone a first one?

But possibly my favorite bit of the entire episode is the picture Fielder used to describe the bad guys a woman can meet in the dating scene. It’s….just look at it. So much is going on.

Before getting to the party planner, the second part of the episode introduces a mid-segment bit. Nathan walks from behind a tree in the most awkward, infomercial like way to begin talking about his next business venture. He took a picture of himself naked in a hotdog bun and addressed it to his mother. After giving the picture to a notary, he gave himself two weeks to write a full screenplay. Upon finishing, he would get the picture back; if he didn’t complete his goal, the picture would be mailed.

It’s a strange albeit effective way to motivate someone. The same thing worked with a handful of other strangers who wanted to lose weight. Sadly but funnily enough, one who had to show a picture of her holding a sign that read “I Hate Jews” while holding a banana as a mock penis to one of her Jewish lawyers at her office. It’s all appropriately funny at varying degrees. I was actually afraid she might’ve lost her job. You want to see these people succeed, mainly because they’re going along with such a stupid plot provided by Fielder, but it’s so funny when they fail.

The final section of the episode contains some pretty decent material. Fielder is employed by a party planner to more efficiently invite people to parties. His idea is very savvy. Fielder hired a programmer to create a way for unwanted guests’ email invitations be sent to their spam folder. That way, they won’t feel bad for not being invited and you didn’t have to see them at your party! It’s a lose/win situation.

I wasn’t fond of the party planner who hired Fielder in general. She brought the mood of this section down with her attitude but that’s what makes this show so funny. People don’t realize what they’re getting into when they hire Nathan Fielder to help them with their plummeting business. I tried not to let her get in my head once I saw the return of Impersonator Bill Gates. It’s a special treat to see this guy again. Better yet is that he produces the best monologue about Microsoft. You should just watch it because every second of it is gold.

Should You Watch Nathan For You “Daddy’s Watching/Party Planner?”

I was unsure of how this episode could usurp last week’s hotly anticipated “Dumb Starbucks.” It didn’t but it was still a great episode. This season continues to get better.