Brooks Wheelan Asks the Most Important Questions like 'This Is Cool, Right?'

Chad White, Cooler than Everyone, Except that Guy

Life is funny, isn’t it? First we’re dumb little kids that don’t know very much. Then we’re older kids that are able to drive that still don’t know much. Finally, we’re very old kids that know very little but we’re able to make our own decisions. Brooks Wheelan has made several decisions (some smart; others dumb) throughout his life. Most of these choices helped shape his career. Wheelan uses this set to take the audience through his funny mistakes in his early life up until the day he was fired from Saturday Night Live.

Personal experiences aside, the standup is your run of the mill set up and punchline. There are no gimmicks or strange twists that are usually expected with today’s comedy. Wheelan delivers every joke with the same familiar voice. Not many comics need trademarks though. Honesty really does look to be the best policy with him. He comes out on stage and straightforwardly tells the onlookers that he’s making an album.

The audience connects with Wheelan as he walks them down his memory lane. Groans can be heard in the crowd as he regales the story of how his father killed a possum right in front of him. He plays with the audio format as well, questioning if he should do close up magic. There are ins and outs to his life that are given. Wheelan likes to get stoned and is surprised by things like a baby that speaks French. There are also jokes about Marylin Monroe, New York and fake Snapple facts. The comedian really shines when his life is put under the microscope. Stories about his family not having internet, creating tournaments with brackets as a child and sticking his dick in his brothers’ mouthwash are just the tip of the iceberg. Pun intended?

 Should you listen to Brooks Wheelans’ “This is Cool, Right?

It’s not often we’re treated to an ex-SNL member who is somewhat good at stand up. Luckily enough for us, Wheelan started out in the area. He runs a tight set with enough hits to make it worthwhile. Keep in mind the monotone (albeit high energy) delivery of jokes, almost predictable structure and jokes that just plain fall flat.