"Electronics Store" - Nathan For You review

Nathan For You
“Electronics Store”
Season 3, Episode 1

I’m not in a relationship either so we can work on this full time.

Oh God, it seems like it’s been forever since we last saw Nathan Fielder pulling weird, overly complicated stunts in order to help a business only to see that his plan would never really work. The start of season three aims to keep that promise as Fielder helps an ailing electronics store, Speer’s, try to beat out the biggest competition in town: Best Buy. What could possibly be done to take down a company? Who would do such a thing? Will a large reptile be involved for some reason? The answers to each of those questions are explored and answered almost immediately.

The plan was to get Best Buy to price match a stupidly low TV sale price at the local electronics shop. The owner would then sell those TV’s for a profit. That plan soon did a quick 180 when, during the low priced sale at Speer’s, people lined up in order to purchase the $1 TVs. So in an effort to keep stock in check, Fielder insisted that there be a black tie dress code. When some people complied, renting tuxes and wearing black dresses, they had to bypass a miniature door and an alligator. This proved too much for some so they ultimately gave up.

Another masterful part of the plan had Nathan hiring people on Craigslist to go buy the Best Buy price matched TVs only to have them turned away. Even Fielder himself was unable to convince the store associates with his “confidence and negotiation skills.” So the only solution is to file a class action lawsuit against Best Buy. The owner of Speer’s face pretty much seals what everyone is thinking. An entire subset of ideas comes into play in the backend of the episode. Say what you will about Nathan’s business practices but damn that man can get things done. He plans on diagnosing the owner of Speer’s – unbeknownst to him of course -- as insane via a local psychiatrist in order to win the lawsuit. It’s at the moment when we hear the owner regale the plan to the psychiatrist that everything we’ve seen in the last fifteen minutes sounds so freaking insane.

Then, in order to bolster the lawsuit, Nathan has to find a whistleblower from Best Buy. To do that, he creates a fake dating show to lure a specific set of working class (i.e. only accepting Best Buy workers) and goes on a date with an employee. She gives him some info he needs even though she still thinks it’s all a part of the dating show. Of course, Fielder falls for her and decides to continue the date well into the private salsa dancing lesson he set up.

Everything comes to a head when he needs to actually have the girl in court to testify. She tells him he’s crazy – for good reason too; he wears clothes from Hot Topic in order to lure her – and she leaves the show. In the end, he drops the suit but finds a girlfriend for the owner of Speer’s so it’s not a total loss.

Should you watch “Electronics Store?”

Tonight’s episode of Nathan For You was textbook. There was a crazy detailed plan that went awry, unnecessary twists, and Nathan talking to a girl. The point of this show is to entertain, not really help out these businesses. But there has to be some sort of upturn especially for a LA based store being featured on the show. If I lived in the area, I would totally stop buy and give the store the time of day. The plan, while over the top, seemed flawless. I can’t wait to see what Fielder has planned for the rest of the season. Plus, I’m down to see him talk to the opposite any day of the week.