"Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop”
Season 3, Episode 4

There have been some weird people on Nathan For You. There have been people that are angry, rightly so, as Nathan seemingly ruins their businesses. But tonight’s episode featured a super rude dude in the form of a sporting goods store owner. During awkward albeit brief pauses in conversations, he’d pull out his phone and start tapping away. Fielder had no idea what to do in these moments except bewildered at the sight of the dickishness.

The idea is oddly creepy in that Fielder suggests the owner take long term investments in preteen soccer players. Adding to the creepiness, the host attends a soccer game without a child and hunts down the parents in the parking lot with intent on interviewing them for the aforementioned investment. He even takes measurements of the children – an act that no one finds disturbing. But his hat selection when talking to the parents is top notch as each one changes depending on the families. Utilizing his favorite tool again, Craigslist, Fielder hires an age progression specialist who is the worst at his job. His work amounts to clearly photoshopping – if you can call it that -- the kids’ heads to random people’s bodies. Even Fielder has trouble finding the guy credible. In the end, nothing comes out as he wants it to so, of course, the plan fails.

The next business is an antique store where Fielder plans on attracting late night drunks by staying open 24 hours. Of course, no drunk person says “hey, there’s an antique shop open? Let’s go!” so Fielder takes it upon himself to attract a guy he meets at a bar. Nathan hangs out with the dude and drinks all night; although, he uses an ingenious jacket that sucks up his alcoholic drinks and dispenses apple juice so he doesn’t get drunk. After convincing the poor sap to put on a fake sumo costume, the two venture to the antique shop where the drunkard breaks over $200 worth of merchandise. But that is not the best part. When taking the drunk guy home, Nathan finds out that the guy and his brother have incest three ways. The way they celebrate is just…scary.

Should you watch “Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop?”

Given the final chunk alone, the episode is worth it. Go ahead and enjoy.