The Peanuts Movie Review: Wah-wah wah-wah-wah-wah

Chad White
Loves: Animated movies
Likes: Those Peanuts and their wacky adventures
Dislikes: Scrat
Hates: That dastardly, no good Red Baron

You’re a winner, Charlie Brown

It’s been thirty odd years since the Peanuts have graced the silver screen. Now, Charlie Brown and the gang are back with a new look and younger cast. The Peanuts Movie is in the spirit of the other Peanuts specials in that it has the heart and good nature that we’ve come to know and love from the property. Charlie Brown has to deal with falling in love while also managing his self doubt. Seriously, the kid is crazy against himself as he tries to impress a new, red-headed girl that moves in across the street.

Throughout the movie, Charlie’s attempts at charming the girl go awry. One by one his plans fail due to outside forces. He has to sacrifice so much for others but can’t find the time to love himself. But that’s what makes Charlie Brown charming: his selflessness and willingness to give up everything in order to see others smile. The characters are all portrayed by younger actors who give great performances. Sally, Charlie’s sister, is adorably inept; Peppermint Patty is butch but cute in her attempts at flirting with “Chuck;” Lucy is still a bitch. Everyone gets their moment to shine.

There’s a side story involving Snoopy and a typewriter that takes off – pun intended – at various points. They’re deliberately spaced and work well in context to the movie’s main plot. Director Steve Martino is able to keep the 93 minute film going along at a fine pace. Speaking of which, the audience will never get to settle into one aspect or time period of the movie. It takes place over a calendar year culminating in the final moments of the last day of school. And Blue Sky did a beautiful job at rendering a semi comic book looking aesthetic. The characters have thick, black outlines reminiscent of an author’s pen strokes. Colors pop in every light. It’s just a great movie to look at.

Should you watch The Peanuts Movie?

Like The Muppets before it, The Peanuts Movie is sure to bring back warm memories. The characters are just as naiive and charming as they’ve always been. The whole Peanuts gang look fantastic on the big screen. And I still find myself rooting for Charlie Brown to the very end. Watch and bask in the film’s nature.


  • The short at the beginning of the movie brings back Ice Age’s Scrat. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an adult now or if the last Ice Age jaded me but I hate that little turd. I’d be happy if this was the last we’d of that acorn hording prick.
  • Even though she wasn’t too bad here, Lucy is and will always be a total bitch.