"Hotel/Travel Agent" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Hotel, Travel Agent”
Season 3, Episode 6

It’s not about how much money you make of how many girls you’ve slept with. It’s about the little moments. That are nice. Like this.

Jesus. This episode of Nathan For You is the darkest for the series yet. So much went down that this review could be lengthy but it’s important to just watch the episode yourself. But, damn, Nathan sure went out of his way to create the craziest scenario for an idea yet. A gaggle of porn stars, a little boy and an aloof hotel manager make for the best seven minutes this show has had.

The problem is that a local hotel wants to attract more families. Nathan finds that the rooms provide no separation between child and parents so that the latter can engage in sexual activities. So he decides to develop a prototype sex sound proof box in which children can pass the time. Subtle details are always apparent here from the diagrams blink-and-you’ll-miss-it use of Nathan to the animal sounds that play on the speakers of the box. In order to test the box, Nathan hires two porn stars to have sex while a young child sits in the box occupied with coloring books and the soothing noises of the amazon. HE USES AN ACTUAL CHILD. This caught me completely off guard. Seeing the parents approve even made me uneasy. But it made for fantastic television. Just the fact that the parents know what’s going on and watch for the first few minutes is just hilariously disturbing. Then, he hires FIVE MORE PORN ACTORS to form an orgy while the kid continues to work. And he hears nothing. Not a single peep. Amazed and proud of his work, Nathan shows the porn video to the manager who is probably more turned on than surprised. The manager’s denial to use the box but keep it is a testament to how Nathan’s personality can convince someone to succumb to his ideas.

Next, Nathan suggests a travel agent offer funeral arrangements. The two scope out the competition at a local funeral home by pretending to be married and gain some useful information. Upon testing a local pizzeria’s oven – using a human sized “calzone” – Nathan found that it was harder to pass the idea along to the agent. This one was a nice follow up to the insanity that was the hotel but it didn’t really go anywhere.

And finally, Nathan has an idea about escaping traffic. He has two interns follow him on a motorcycle and, when traffic hits, he switches places with the rider leaving the other to drive his car. It’s a great idea, really, but Nathan goes about it in a weird way. He employs two bikers to try out the plan. They have zero luck as they drive up next to unsuspecting drives sitting in gridlock. Like any human being would, drives reacted in angry ways with some even name calling or cursing. In the end, it turns out to be another failed plot on Nathan’s part.

Should you watch “Hotel/Travel Agent?”

I wasn’t kidding when I said the Hotel section was amazing. It’s the single most “oh my God” moment in this show if there already wasn’t one. The rest of the episode is fun too but I’m still sitting in amazement of the first section. Please. Watch.