"Horseback Riding/Man Zone" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Horseback Riding/Man Zone”
Season 3, Episode 2

Leave it to me for the guy stuff. Trust me.

Nathan For You has always been about raising awareness. Said awareness has always been for the business the show is representing at the time but its nevertheless worked. For the amount of time Nathan spends with an owner, that person has to deal with a sort of upward momentum the show brings for their shops and jobs. But Nathan sometimes employs outlandish ideas that almost no sane person wants to contend with. Tonight’s episode featured just that with the introduction of Nathan’s jacket company, Summit Ice. It’s real, it’s funny and it’s a charitable cause.

“Horseback Riding/Man Zone” starts out equally innocent and diverse. Nathan says something along the lines of “humans have feelings too” when he suggests that larger people should be able to ride on the backs of horses like their smaller counterparts. The detailed cartoon plans lay out Fielder’s ideas in an illustrated format and they head to work. When they try to implement the plan of tying weather balloons to the overweight rider, two female riders begin to laugh. Fielder confronts them and ultimately threatens them. It’s a pretty ballsy move but very well meaning. In the end, everything from the balloons to the large pizza paddles used to block tree branches works perfectly.

The interstitial between the two main business ideas is Nathan creating a jacket company that raises awareness for Holocaust education. It’s real too. The way he and a rabbi go about implementing it in a store is of course insane – and Fielder tries to pass off the idea as not his own – but it’s actually for a pretty great cause.

The final idea is for an L.A. women’s clothing store. Fielder suggests there be a man zone but, when implemented, the area proves to be a failure. Fielder is unable to connect with his fellow bros over a couple of brewskis and the area fails. But hey, at least there’s royalty free football.

Should you watch “Horseback Riding/Man Zone?”

This one is a no brainer. If only to see Fielder try to do some man talk or drink a beer, this episode is a classic.