"Nail Salon/Fun" - Nathan For You Review

Nathan For You
“Nail Salon/Fun”
Season 3, Episode 7

Chad White

Trying on hats is something everyone can enjoy.

Nathan For You has always been a show that leaned more toward the man’s perspective. While many of the episodes have come off as unisexual, it’s safe to say that men might find the show easier to relate to than that of a woman. And that’s only easy to say because of the host, Nathan Fielder, being a man himself. This is only conjecture but stay with me. But Nathan is able to back that up because, as he admits, he’s rugged and masculine on the outside but can relate to women on the inside. Tonight’s episode featured a rare glimpse at Nathan’s feminine side. And also his fun side.

This week, our host visited a nail salon in order to, of course, drum up more business. He goes in undercover, not dressed as a woman though because “the modern woman can present herself however she likes.” Nathan really gets women. But he comes across his latest idea when he has to look for his keys finding that his manicure is susceptible to ruin. He suggests the shop get a valet. A few twists and turns later, Nathan decides to hire an Asian stunt driver in order to curb racism against the nail technicians from customers. But he institutes his own racism when he asks the driver to put on a heavy Asian accent. Nathan For You has never been about subtly and Nathan is really playing to that. Furthermore, when the driver takes the wheel, she whips the wheel on every four door as if they were race cars. Like most other insane plans, everything goes as planned but the business owner doesn’t find the idea lucrative.  

The final segment of the night has Nathan trying to prove that he’s fun. What do you think a normal person would do in order to prove that? Plan a day of activities and then ask if the friend had fun? Not in the world of Nathan For You. Fielder tricks his Craigslist patsy to pee in a blocked off urinal and “donate” blood in order to measure dopamine levels in the poor guy who answered the ad. Oddly enough, one of the activities includes trying on hats because who doesn’t like a good hat? Nathan does the right thing, telling the truth in the end. And the guy even accepts it after a brief bout of anger.

Should you watch “Nail Salon/Fun?”

Nathan does some weird things in the name of science or whatever this is. Tricking some poor guy for the second time this season, Fielder proves again to be a mastermind. This episode is not as strong as others but it’s ultimately fun. There you go Nathan; you’re fun.