Michael Keaton Caws Proudly on SNL

Saturday Night Live
“Michael Keaton, Carly Rae Jepsen”
Season 40, Episode 17

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing). 

Cold Open: Road to the Final Four- Starring Errnie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley (Beck, Jay and Kenan). Dukes Coach (Taran) announcing Jalil won't play the final game because he has a test the next day. Jokes have an emphasis on the STUDENT part of student athletes. WATCH.

Monologue: Recaps what happened since the last time he hosted I'm 1982. Interrupted by Bobby and Taran. SONG about how he's changed their lives since he played Batman. Ask him to play Batman. Jay comes out as a half Joker/half Batman character. Ask him to play Beetlejuice. Keaton finally says no. Jay comes out as Harry Belefonte. Reveal a video where Bobby and Taran superimposed the Batman and Beetlejuice costumes on his body from around the study. CATCHPHRASES. WATCH.

Front Nine:
CNN Newsroom- Cecily Strong as reporter. Talking about the plane crash in the alps. Sasheer as field reporter. They show a terrible "patented animated" version of the events. Looks like a pre alpha PlayStation X game. Bobby as another reporter. Uses puppets to show negotiations in Switzerland. Local performance art group covers Indiana's free religion law. WATCH.

Prom King: Keaton as a math teacher. Mike O Brien as 6-year senior. Pete as friend. Says he can take anyone to prom and they would be prom queen. Ends up trying to seduce teacher Keaton into going. The teachers gossip about the bet. Keaton overhears and decides not to go. O'Brien leaves prom to yell Keaton he fell in love. Head to the dance in tuxes. Won Queen. WATCH.

Your Grandmother Phone Line: Sasheer as misleading sensual host. Cecily/Kyle, Kate and Keaton/Taran all interact as grandparents and grandchild. It’s unexpectedly funny and entirely awkward at the same time. WATCH.

Wallace Advertising: Beck, Leslie, Kenan and Cecily. Keaton as boss. He's using language they don't understand (like the awesome line "Whiz another smoker at me”) or makes suggestions that are old school. SKIP.

Church of Neurotology Music Video: a Scientology jab with an 80s look. Updated with information on what the singers are currently doing. Bobby as L. Ron Hubbard is classic. WATCH.

Pete Davidson Resident Young Person. Talking about The Walking Dead finale. Mentions he's afraid of the zombie apocalypse because he'll most likely be stoned. Darrly Dixson makes an appearance.

Taran as Jebidiah Atkinson talking about the new golden age of television. SKIP.

Back Nine:
Smart Home: Keaton and Cecily are married having new neighbors Kate, Beck, Kyle and Vanessa over for dinner. They show off a smart toaster that floats and has eyes and a couch that recognizes you when you sit down by shoving a tube up your rectum. His inventions have googly eyes. SKIP.

An Easter Message from Michael Keaton and Portia: Keaton as a strange man that has an easter basket full of goodies. Kate as his bunnyear wearing friend Portia. She tries to get a chick to eat a Mcnuggets. It's so hard to describe. SKIP

Should you watch “Michael Keaton/Carly Rae Jepsen?”

Keaton is good enough for the show and some of the sketches land well. They’re not as memorable as I’d like. Gems are hard to come by but I will look back on this episode in a few years with great reverence. So watch it.